Youth Outreach

We are thrilled to announce the new direction of the Carmichael HART Family & Youth Committee. In the next few months we hope to announce new programs focused on providing key interventions to support vulnerable children and families in our community. Our mission remains steadfast: to walk alongside families through crisis situations, guiding them towards emotional, mental, and physical well-being and peace.

Our Mission

At Carmichael HART, we are dedicated to empowering families to overcome challenges and thrive. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to families in crisis, ensuring they have access to the resources, assistance, and guidance needed to navigate difficult times successfully.

In our commitment to supporting children at risk, we are proud to partner with SJUSD McKinney-Vento program. Through initiatives such as the backpack drive, food drive, and ongoing provision of gas and food gift cards, we aim to provide vital support to vulnerable children and families within our community.

Our Objectives

Connect Families with Available Resources: We strive to bridge the gap between families in need and the wealth of resources available within our community.

Provide Needs: Whether it’s food, shelter, clothing, or other necessities, we are committed to meeting the immediate needs of families facing crisis situations.

Match Volunteers with Families: Volunteers play a crucial role in our efforts to support families in crisis. We facilitate meaningful connections between volunteers and families, fostering relationships.

Help Develop a Plan Forward: Every family’s journey is unique, and we are here to help them navigate the path forward.