Mentor Training HUB

Dear current or potential Student Buddy Mentors. This is your one-stop shop for mentorship training. Carmichael HART has developed a curriculum for those looking to make a difference in the lives of an underprivileged student in our community. Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Scott Young, Carmichael HART President

Mentor Training  Video 1

This introductory video to the Student Buddy Program will describe its purpose and benefit to the lives of children, and how you can become a part of this service in your community.

Mentor Training Video 2

Listen as Jessica relates her personal experience as a student buddy, and how her adult buddy majorly impacted her life in a positive way.

Mentor Training Video 3

Adult buddy, Valerie, describes her experiences as a mentor over a span of 13 years. Not only did the student buddies gain valuable help and stability in their own lives, but Valerie has also felt greatly rewarded in her efforts with these children.

 Mentor Training Video 4

Building trust is one of the most important factors in mentoring children. This video explains six ways to build trust with your student buddy.