Community Outreach

Our goal is to be a resource for the unhoused in Carmichael. Here is what we are working on! Reach out. Get involved.

Feeding and Shower Program

Carmichael HART was founded to provide resources to our unhoused neighbors. Our community outreach efforts are becoming more expansive and organized. See what we’re up to below.

Feeding Program

Our street outreach feeding program will look to provide resources, supplies, and meals to our unhoused community members 52 weeks per year. Our goal is to make sure no one on the street in our community goes to bed hungry. Food insecurity is an issue that can be fixed with the right amount of hard work, resources, and coordination. We believe we’re the perfect organization for the job. Sign up to volunteer below.

Shower Program

Every Saturday we are partnering with Carmichael Presbyterian Church to provide showers to our homeless neighbors from 10 am – 2 pm. Unhoused community members can take a free shower and get connected to mainline resources such as vaccinations, food stamps, housing referrals, and most importantly, community. You can sign up to volunteer below.

Here’s our donation needs list, or donate via Amazon here:


  1. Tissue Packs
  2. Hand Soap
  3. Body Wipes
  4. Wash Cloths
  5. Apple Sauce Packets
  6. Mixed Fruit Cups
  7. Travel Shampoo
  8. Facial Soap
  9. Plastic Combs
  10. Deoderant
  11. Dental Floss
  12. Toe and Fingernail Clippers
  13. Tooth Brush
  14. Tooth Paste
  15. Flashlight