Our Mission

We are part of a network of HART organizations in Sacramento County working in cooperation with the nonprofit Sacramento Self-Help Housing. HART is a coalition of faith communities, non-profits, businesses, agencies, and residents that are committed to finding solutions to homelessness in our local communities. In suburban communities like Carmichael, resources are largely, if not completely, absent. Additionally, funding that is meant to address homelessness throughout Sacramento County goes to agencies that offer services predominantly to the urban core. Carmichael HART is a local response that addresses these realities by developing programs that will help homeless men, women, and youth.


Our Goals

  • Coordinate our 2017-2018 winter shelter program
  • Advance our initiatives in advocacy, youth homelessness, and affordable housing
  • Start a transitional housing program
  • Advocate for a Navigator to assist the homeless in Carmichael
  • Connect the homeless to the resources they need

Carmichael HART Meetings

Every month, Carmichael HART members come together to develop and strategize ways to address the homeless issue in our community.

Advocacy Committee
  • Engages in political action to bring attention to homelessness in Carmichael
  • Strives for geographic equity and support
Youth Initiative Committee
  • Works with a San Juan Unified School District Homeless Liaison
  • Creates solutions for the homeless youth and college students in Sacramento
Housing Committee
  • Creates housing opportunities for the homeless, such as transitional housing or permanent supportive housing

Our Community Partners

Citrus Heights HART

Elk Grove HART

Rancho Cordova HART

Sacramento Self Help Housing

ATLAS of Carmichael

Faith Communities


Carmichael Residents


San Juan Unified School District

Carmichael Chamber of Commerce