Carmichael HART, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community’s needs, is excited to announce its upcoming event at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church on November 18th from 9:00 am to 12 noon. This event marks a significant milestone for the organization as it provides a shower respite center and resource day, offering much-needed support, resources, and a free homemade Thanksgiving Dinner for those who need, with the backing of several prominent entities, including SMUD, Paul Mitchell stylists, Chamberlin University Nursing interns, and Garrett Sellers with Drake’s insurance.

This event promises to be an enriching experience for all involved. SMUD, a pillar of the Sacramento community, has pledged its support for the event, showcasing its commitment to fostering community development and welfare. Their participation in this event highlights their dedication to promoting sustainable and inclusive initiatives that uplift the local populace. Their involvement serves as a beacon of hope, emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts in driving positive change. In addition to SMUD’s support, the event will feature the participation of renowned Paul Mitchell stylists, who will offer their expertise to provide free hair care services for attendees. This partnership embodies the spirit of empowerment and self-care, aiming to boost the confidence and well-being of individuals within the community.

Moreover, the presence of Chamberlin University Nursing interns underscores the organization’s commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and providing comprehensive support to those needing medical assistance. The event will also welcome Garrett Sellers with Drake’s insurance and feature a fully home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner and free showers.

With the combined efforts of SMUD, Paul Mitchell stylists, Chamberlin University Nursing interns, Garrett Sellers, and the dedicated team at Carmichael HART, this event represents a crucial step towards building a more inclusive and supportive community. Through their unwavering commitment to creating positive change, these entities exemplify the transformative power of collective action and its profound impact on the lives of individuals in need. As the event approaches, Carmichael HART eagerly anticipates the opportunity to bring the community together and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Derek with Carmichael HART at or 279-600-9054.