2020/2021 Respite Center

What is the Carmichael Winter Respite Center? 

For 9 weeks (December 29–March 2), we will provide 4 hours of indoor respite 3 days per week, allowing guests to get out of the cold, use a restroom, eat a hot meal, rest, and receive the hospitality of volunteers. Additionally, our guests will be able to meet with the Homeless Outreach Navigator and receive care from nurses from Mercy San Juan Hospital. In order to serve those who may not be able to get to Winter Respite, we will conduct an outreach once per week, delivering meals, hygiene items, and survival gear to our homeless neighbors in Carmichael. 

How do I Volunteer? 

We are looking for individuals who have a compassionate heart for others and are willing to donate their time to help organize the respite center. We offer different duties and different amounts of involvement to meet the individual needs of our volunteers. Groups are preferred. 

We are also looking for churches or similar facilities to donate space to house a week or longer of the shelter. 

Contact us to find out more. 

Spend the Day? 

Carmichael HART Respite Center is a free program serving Carmichael’s homeless men and women. The center is open three days per week. Planning to spend the day? The center is open from 8am – 12noon. See the locations below. 

Tuesday: Christ Community Church – 5025 Manzanita Avenue
Thursday: Crossroads Church – 7100 Fair Oaks Blvd
Saturday: Carmichael Presbyterian – 5645 Marconi Avenue

Last year Carmichael HART operated a rotating winter sanctuary program. Unfortunately,due to COIVD-19, we are unable to accommodate overnight guests. In response, we are doing the best we can to provide services to our community’s homeless. The below numbers are stats from last year’s sanctuary program. We hope to have the same impact this year.

Number that Found Permanent Housing

Sheltered Per Night

Total Number of Volunteers

Number of Attendants that Connected with Mainstream Financial Resources