Have you been looking for an opportunity to volunteer?

We are excited to announce the Cove Community Center in Carmichael is planning to open to elementary-age children for tutoring, three 2 hour shifts per day, up to five children per shift. Children would come to the Cove to connect to the Internet for distance-learning, get help with homework, and/or receive tutoring. We are looking for volunteers who might like to help. They would need to be aware that the children will be wearing masks, and the tutors must wear masks also.

Additionally, the Carmichael HART Youth Committee working in conjunction with SJUSD has kickstarted the Student Buddy Program. We will be mentoring / tutoring virtually to start and when the COVID-19 ends we will shift back to in person. If you have an interest in becoming a Student Buddy or in-person tutor, please Dan Sanders an email at Drsand60@yahoo.com or Glenda Gallagher at Gallagherglenda@gmail.com