Student Buddy Flyer

The STUDENT BUDDY PROGRAM is a partnership of parents, staff and community to encourage Buddying of students within a safe and supervised environment.

We believe that Buddying by supportive, nurturing and trained adults can provide a relationship to promote the healthy development of children. Healthy development will include an improved self-concept, better social skills, improved learning and life-long goals. Buddies will assist each child to find their own strengths, talents and dreams.

Adult Buddy Eligibility Requirements

Reside or work in the community and be available to Buddy at the school site

Be willing to adhere to all STUDENT BUDDY PROGRAM policies and procedures

Agree to a commit to the program until at least May of 2020 (the end of the school year)

Commit to spending 40 minutes per week at lunch with the student buddy

Agree to provide lunch for both the adult and student buddy

Complete the screening procedure

Be willing to communicate regularly with the Program Managers

If you are interested in becoming a Student Buddy Mentor, please review the  online content about the program and complete the online sign up form at

Thank you

Dan Sanders

Carmichael HART, Youth Committee Chair