After a falling out with her family, Logan was left with nothing but a few possessions and her yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Following a lifetime of economic security, Logan was now homeless.

For three years Logan slept in her car in the Fulton Avenue 24 Hour Fitness parking lot. Thankfully, she found Carmichael HART.

Logan attended Carmichael HART’s Winter Shelter for almost two full seasons until she built up the confidence to work with Scott Young, the Carmichael Homeless Outreach Navigator and President of Carmichael HART, to locate housing.

After a few months of searching for the right place, Logan made a connection with a friend at the gym looking for a housemate. With support from Scott and the Carmichael Community, Logan now has her own room in a beautiful house in Carmichael.

She couldn’t be happier.

“It took some time, but I finally found a place that fit me. I love picking flowers, and really missed cutting the law.”

Logan can be found tending to her rose garden, reading on the front porch, or volunteering with Carmichael HART.